The Italian Contact is a b2b Sourcing Agency for Importers - free from agent fees.

 In coordination with corporate buyers we scout markets for the best products and purchasing conditions, always free of charge. Great Value!

Our compensation is negotiated at the supply level on a commission basis. Purchases are always direct with the Producers at factory pricing, 

ensuring best market conditions. Contact us.


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Hands-on Approach

Free for importers

trading since 2002

b2b sourcing managers scouting the latest trends in the market - free of charge.

We regularly invest in network building, the fundamental lifestream of our agency. 

We assist buyers in identifying opportunities and product availability.

Our compensation is based on a  commission negotiated with suppliers.

nearly two decades of activity, solid performance and commercial integrity.

Wine Barrel
Image by Sven Wilhelm

Our agency engages in the international trade of Wines and Spirits.

We represent selected wine makers the world over, covering a spectrum of Conventional, Organic, Natural and Biodynamic Wines. Visit our dedicated page.

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