The Italian Contact is an international b2b sales development agency.

We operate as sales managers without the costs associated with employment.

 Thanks to a commission based model, manufacturers can expand global sales, benefit from mutually beneficial solutions, and remove financial risks. 

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Hands-on Approach

Commission Based

Long-term vision

a team of sales managers operating in the italian market and internationally.

We regularly participate in international trade shows and b2b events

Assisting producers in developing ad-hoc sales channels as official representatives.

No fixed costs or operational fees,

100% commission based.

We invest in long term partnerships with decision makers toward organic growth.

Wine Barrel
Image by Sven Wilhelm

Our agency engages in the international trade of Wines and Spirits.

We represent selected wine makers the world over, covering a spectrum of Conventional, Organic, Natural and Biodynamic Wines. Visit our dedicated page.

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