The Italian Contact Wines engages in the international trade of Wines and Spirits.

We represent selected wine makers the world over, covering a spectrum of Conventional, Organic, Natural and Biodynamic Wines.

Choose us as your brokers and discover great wines and new trends. 

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Some of our wineries

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From the onset, we’ve partnered with family owned wineries who combine technical excellence with a profound dedication for their vineyards.

While Italy remains the Mother of our Wines, our goal is to represent wineries of every producing country in the world. 

Organic Wines

We carry certified organic wines from several regions. With a strong commitment to sustainability and careful vineyard management, Organic wines strive to maintain the environment in pristine condition. Often they are Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly due to low inputs. 

Natural Wines

the movement of wine producers whose aim is to use as few chemical interventions as possible is in touching distance of the mainstream. Where once it was a corrective to a standardising, international style of winemaking, it’s become quite a global concern itself. 


Biodynamic wines incorporate organic winemaking practices but add the theories of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian who in the 1920s developed a method of farming that takes into account factors like the moon phases when planting and harvesting and which also uses natural substances for fertilisation and pest control between vine rows.  

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